The Telecommunications Commission issued an urget warning today to all mobile phone users to beware of text messages that may come to them which contain a phone number to call and a password, so as to receive a voicemail.

Commission spokesman, Haggai Arumae, said "This text message has all the signs of a fraudulent scam. It does not come from Solomon Telekom or Bemobil, but it could result in consumers incurring international charges if they call the number."

Mr. Arumae add that "Consumers would also be very foolish to believe that they are going to be given some money if they follow instructions in the voicemail, and provide information about their bank account."

"We believe that what rascals are after is your bank account number, so that they can find a way to steal from it, so don't give it to them." Mr. Arumae said.

The Commission was alerted to the problem by the local mobile network operators, who are working on trying to find out where the text messages are coming from so that they can be stopped.