Honiara (TCSI): The vessel carrying the country’s undersea cable systems for the Coral Sea Cable project is expected to berth in Honiara later this month.

This is according to the Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Kier Preedy during a recent interview with the national radio broadcaster SIBC.

Mr. Preedy revealed during the interview that the completed undersea cable systems include the Coral Sea Cable system (CS2) and the Solomon Islands Domestic Network system (SIDN).

The systems are onboard the Alcatel Cable Ship, the Ile De Batz and were loaded onto the vessel in Calais, France.

The Papua New Guinean capital of Port Moresby is the first port of call for the cable ship which is expected to lay the PNG branch of the CS2 cable before heading to Honiara to commence the Solomon Islands branch.

A branching unit will be installed to connect the PNG and Solomon Islands branches of the CS2 system before a combined CS2 cable is laid down to Sydney Australia for land termination.

Mr. Preedy told the national broadcaster during his interview that the Ile De Batz is expected to return to the Solomon Islands to begin work on the Solomon Islands Domestic Network (SIDN) after a final splice of the CS2 cable system is carried out later this year.